Shanghai ESoo Software Co., Ltd. is founded by a few Autodesk former employees of BIM team in 2012. ESoo is focused on leveraging BIM technology in industry, continuously, and constantly try to break through the barriers of technology. In the provision of technical services to customers, our senior industry experts will tailor the most suitable technical solutions for customers based on the situation of the customer.

After years of development in the AEC industry, Shanghai ESoo Software Co., Ltd. finished several projects and products on architectural design, construction, operation and maintenance, and established our own BIM data format to achieve BIM model lightweight.

In the traffic construction management area, the United States and some advanced countries in Europe are paying more and more attention on BIM-based collaborative work and information management, emphasizing BIM integration with traditional business processes. They treat BIM as efficient asset management foundation, safe and efficient which could reduce transportation costs and environmental polution, and do great good for sustainable development.

Based on the above accumulation and understanding, since 2016, we focus more on the transportation construction industry, with a view to becoming a first-class traffic construction teaching and engineering information, Intelligent, visual software service provider for our country from the traffic power to make a modest contribution to the power of the country.

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